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Laponite Thickening Material

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Laponite Thickening Material

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Laponite Thickening Material Repeated or prolonged exposure to excessive concentrations may cause fluoride poisoning or fluorosis. Fluoride poisoning symptoms include weakness, tremors, convulsions, collapse, low blood calcium levels and coma.

Laponite Thickening Material Fluorosis symptoms include weight loss, brittleness of bones, anemia, weakness, stiffness of joints, mottling of tooth enamel and osteosclerosis.

Laponite Thickening Material Irritation to the nose, throat, mucous membranes and lungs; symptoms include coughing, difficult breathing, thirst and loss of consciousness.

Laponite Thickening Material Use only equipment and materials which are compatible with the product.Wash thoroughly after handling.Store in a cool, dry area.

Laponite Thickening Material Keep container closed when not in use.Keep away from excessive heat.Warn people about the hazards of the material.

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