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Concrete Hardener Technology

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Concrete Hardener Technology

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Concrete Hardener Technology can make the concrete whole life longer, quality assurance for 25 years; pore concrete surface be carefully sealed, invasion to prevent oil pollution, and can prevent adhesion of tire tracks;

Concrete Hardener Technology surface dust more easily removed, have prevent moisture penetration, the advantages of anti-alkaline, dustproof, weathering and corrosion, and easy to use, no harm to the environment; because of the permeability, so it can effectively maintain and develop concrete floor soft and natural;

Concrete Hardener Technology construction is simple, the construction ground without wax, only water or loccasionally mopping the floor with soap and water, will save a lot of repair and maintenance costs; a choice, permanent use!

Concrete Hardener Technology effective elements of concrete seal curing agent can quickly chemical react with cement free calcium for half-water state and silicon oxide in concrete

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Release time: 2018/5/9 0:00:00

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