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How is concrete sealing curing agent constructed?

Source: http://www.heqichem.com/news/9.html   Release time: 2018-10-30

Natural treatment: before construction, clean and clean concrete floor debris, grease. Cement based polymer filler is used to repair large cracks in the ground to reduce the loss of raw materials. Polish the ground: grind the ground twice with 50 eye grinding tablets, and then use 100, 150, 300 eye grinding tablets to grind the ground twice in the same process until the ground is smooth. Concrete sealing agent sealing layer construction: after the hardening layer construction 10 hours, the construction of sealing agent. After cleaning the ground dust, spray the hardener on the ground evenly with a sprayer. At the same time, use a 100% polyester mop to pull the hardener evenly, so that the surface hardener can permeate into the concrete evenly. After the protective agent is finished, there will be no clear water within 3 days. After 24 hours of construction, the work can be completed within 10 days to form a solid surface. Construction of concrete sealing hardener layer: after the ground is cleaned, allow the surface of the ground to air dry for more than 120 minutes. Construction of concrete hardener can be carried out after the surface has no clear water. Spray the concrete curing agent on the ground evenly with the sprinkling kettle. Spray hardener on the surface of the surface to keep the ground moist for 30 minutes, but no water accumulation. People can work 10 hours after construction, but there can be no surface water, water accumulation. After the construction of concrete curing agent hardened layer is completed within 24 hours, it can decide whether to carry out ground polishing treatment according to the use demand of the floor. The polishing process can be used to grind the ground twice in the same process with 300, 500, 1000 and 2000 mesh pieces until the ground is smooth. After grinding the ground, clean it with dry dust


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