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Test of initial and final setting time of alkali -

Source: http://www.heqichem.com/news/8.html   Release time: 2018-10-12

1. Tool materials

1. Whole set of experimental equipment

2. Raw materials

3. Kaiwet-hq alkali-free liquid accelerator

Method and steps

1, first of all, the temperature of the laboratory must ensure that the 20 + 2 ℃, the temperature of the laboratory, including the temperature of the raw materials, as well as the temperature of the test temperature.

2. Preparation of test raw materials and equipment: wet rag, gloves, syringe, stirring shovel, mixing pan, spatula, stopwatch and a complete set of vicat, electronic scale, cement, water, and alkali free liquid accelerator developed by kaiwei, whose solid content is 45% and recommended dosage is 3% to 7%

3. Zero setting of the vicat instrument: use the final coagulation needle and apply it to the glass plate to set the pointer to zero

4. Wet the pan and stirring shovel: cover with a wet rag after wetting to prevent the moisture from evaporating. Glass panels and round moulds are just as moist and covered.

5. Next is the weight of the material: weigh 400 grams of benchmark cement, 24 grams of accelerating agent (6% of the content), then 160 grams of water, deduct the water in the quick-setting material, and the remaining 148 grams.

6. Start the experiment: first, pour the weighed cement into the stirring pot, then pour the weighed water into the pot and start the time. Whisk for 25-30 seconds. The accelerator is then injected into the slurry and the timing begins. Whisk for 25-30 seconds. It is then loaded into a circular die, vibrated several times, scraped off excess slurry on the surface, and smoothed. The whole process needs to be completed within 50 seconds.

7. Start the measurement of preliminary coagulation: when the pointer is 3 to 5 mm away from the bottom plate, the initial coagulation has been indicated, and this time is the state of initial coagulation.

8. Final coagulation measurement: change the final coagulation needle to reverse the slurry, drop the final coagulation needle into the slurry parallel to the surface, and stick to the slurry surface. When no outer ring is left on the slurry surface, the final coagulation time is. It can now be seen that the final coagulation pin does not leave a ring on the surface of the slurry, indicating that the final coagulation time has arrived, and the entire condensation time test has been completed.

Points for attention

1, the indoor temperature to 20 plus or minus 2 ℃

2. Ensure the wetting of the pan and stirring shovel before test

3. Wear special gloves during the test


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