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Alkali free accelerator in my eyes

Source: http://www.heqichem.com/news/7.html   Release time: 2018-09-20

First of all I am not what researchers I was only a small salesman every day on the road I found a view that is a very common with alkali cheap, mature technology of non-alkali expensive, also the effect not beautiful if in the previous two years, I also believe, but with the development of era, the non-alkali has now is don't have to have a base of differential technology and stable effect, and an important is price, not only the factory price is cheaper than that of with alkali, even if the calculation of engineering cost, also is much cheaper than with alkali have alkali raw material is rise in price, you will say will reduce the price but the raw material rises in price, product price, if the raw material prices, the price will you choose? It goes without saying that only represents personal opinion


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