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What effect does concrete sealing curing agent hav

Source: http://www.heqichem.com/news/51.html   Release time: 2019-03-20

Concrete sealing hardener is suitable for all kinds of ground areas with wear-resisting and anti-seepage requirements, such as: food factory, beverage factory, warehouse, machinery workshop, printing workshop, etc.

Concrete sealing curing agent has the following advantages:

1, improve the compressive strength of the concrete floor;

2, tighten the concrete pores, effectively inhibit the entry of external pollutants into the concrete;

3, can resist chloride and other chemical erosion;

4. React with the substances in the base concrete to form a colloid in its pores;

5, sealed concrete, enhance its density; High impermeability and oil resistance;

6, the ground after processing can appear marble like burnish, use longer smooth finish is better


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