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EU adopts EDC criteria for plant

Source: http://www.heqichem.com/news/5.html   Release time: 2018-05-16

Alkali-free accelerator finalises the development of the criteria, which have been subject to controversy in the last few years. The final version was accepted after the European Commission removed a problematic exemption in its original proposal.

The EU’s Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (ScoPAFF) voted in favour of the criteria in December.

Neither the European Parliament nor Council raised any objection during the scrutiny period following that vote. Their chance to object ended on 9 April.

"The EU is now the first worldwide to have strict legally binding criteria to identify endocrine disruptors," the Commission said in a press release. They will apply to all ongoing and future evaluations of active substance used in PPPs.

Similar criteria for biocides were adopted last year and will become applicable on 7 June.

Alkali-free accelerator Remaining criticism

Despite their revision the final criteria do not please everyone. The European Crop Protection Association (Ecpa) said it "still fundamentally believes that the criteria are missing crucial elements". This includes potency, which industry made frequent calls to be included during the drafting process.

The missing Alkali-free accelerator elements "will lead to the loss of a number of substances, without consideration being given to the significant agronomic impact this could have on Europe’s farmers", an Ecpa spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, the European Consumer Organisation (Beuc) has turned its focus onto extending the criteria’s reach beyond biocides and pesticides.

"The EU is finally emerging from the deadlock on endocrine disruptors," said Beuc safety and health policy officer, Pelle Moos. Now, he added, "it is time to get to work in other areas, such as toys, food packing and cosmetics.

"There’s no more time to lose and Alkali-free accelerator no more excuses for failing to act. We count on the EU Commission to develop an ambitious response to minimise consumers’ exposure to endocrine disruptors."

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