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A brief analysis of the use of magnesium fluosilic

Source: http://www.heqichem.com/news/48.html   Release time: 2019-03-19

The insecticide magnesium fluosilicate has better insecticidal effect, but can only kill some pests with lower pesticide damage, because its efficacy is not very good. The amount of magnesium fluosilicate in general pesticides is not very high, because as a mineral insecticide, the damage to insects is relatively low. In fact, magnesium fluosilicate is not used in many pesticides, the following is a brief introduction of several USES of magnesium fluosilicate:
1, concrete as a curing agent, reinforcing agent and waterproof agent
Magnesium fluosilicate is most widely used in concrete, and it is relatively mature now. Because concrete is widely used, as an important building material, yunnan magnesium fluosilicate can increase the service life of the building after strengthening some special concrete.
2. Use in foaming resin
Magnesium fluosilicate can be a good solution to the foam resin is not heat resistant, magnesium fluosilicate price magnesium fluosilicate easy deformation characteristics, but also effectively solve the short service life of the foam resin characteristics.
3. Application in wood anti-corrosion
Magnesium fluosilicate can effectively solve the characteristics of excessive wood decay rate, magnesium fluosilicate export because it can improve the fiber strength of wood, can improve the service life of wood.
4. Application in ceramic manufacturing
Magnesium fluosilicate can be used as a cosolvent, magnesium fluosilicate action, magnesium fluosilicate use in ceramic production as a solvent surface cleaning spots.
Magnesium fluosilicate is also used in pesticides because of its complex composition

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